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The Cary Steiner Homepage

Since I'm doing this in Notepad, I'd like to keep it simple.


The home of Dhyanyoga Centers, with information about the spritual path I'm on and information about my teachers:

The Onion, one of the places I go for laughs:

This is a page I made a long time ago when I was trying to figure out photo editing software for the first time (using a pic of my own face):

This is a great site if you like old movies:

My upcoming trip

Did you know that I'm going to India in December? How would you have known, when I hadn't told you? My wife and I will be there for most of December and all of January. I'm very excited about the trip.

Here's where I'm going:
The Shri Anandi Ma Ashram is in Nikora, on the River Narmada near Bharuch, in Gujarat State.

See the square structure? That's the base of the new temple. It should be finished soon (this picture is not brand new). When it's done, it will look like an opening lotus from the earth, and a Shri Yantra from the sky.

This is what the Shri Yantra looks like:

This is the location in relation to the rest of India.

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